Want to play FIFA 19 on your phone? The Mobile App IS HERE

FIFA 19 iOS / Android is now available for all mobile devices. FIFA 19 is the solution for your gaming addiction

FIFA 19 for Android and iOS

Modern interface

EPIC GAMES at it again! They have proven to be one of the best games developers out there with this new mobile version, although some are saying the graphics of PayStation 4 and that of Xbox One are better. The developers have created, far more than expected an efficient and faster game which smartphone and tablet users can play.

The best mobile app to be released so far this year 2018 is FIFA 19’s iOS and Android version. This is a great turnaround for fans who have been expecting FIFA 19 to release a version that they can play on the move; we are very optimistic that this new version will thrill you. Before EPIC GAMES released it, they ran different tests to ensure that the functionality will be compatible with all versions of Android and iOS both new and old.

Easy to use

After running several tests to see that the game is perfect, EPIC GAMES finally presents the full version of the game. This new version comes fully with the ability to buy luxuries, weapons, and a lot of other different items available. It is also important to say that this mobile version also comes with advanced features compared to the console version. Be ready for some brain stimulating actions available in playing this game.

Comparing this game with other games out there, it’s not fallacious to say this game beats them in terms of quality graphics. It’s a common thing that high-end phones or phones with big ram have the best gaming experience, we would advise you update your iPhone, Android and tablet to the latest version of iOS or Android before downloading the game. It’s recommended you have a phone with big RAM if you don’t have tablet.

FIFA 19 Mobile APP

If you enjoy playing online, do not worry because a provision has been made for that. You can connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and just in case that is not available, you can still play in a single player mode. So, you don’t need to worry.

These past few years, the number of mobile platforms gamers doubled. A lot of developers are more interested in making mobile versions of their well-known games. It was not an achievable project for EPIC GAMES to release their first game due to the fact that the hardware was not as advanced as compared to now. But now we can easily see phones with a quad core processor, powerful RAM, graphics that can run FIFA 19 on a resolution of 1024x768.

The settings of Fornite center on earth; 98% of the population of the world disappears due to an unexpected worldwide storm, and zombie-like creatures invading to attack the survivors. Epic deemed this a cross between Left 4 Dead and Minecraft. There are four players with different missions working together on randomly-generated maps to gather resources, build fortification that will shield the survivors from the storm and to also create weapons that will be used in fighting the creatures.

Android application
For Apple iOs

More Features


There are two modes in this newly released version; one is “Battle Royale” which is player-versus-player, and the other one is “Save the World” mode which is player-versus-environment. The Battle Royale was added after the early launch of FIFA 19 and was in September 2017 offered as a different free-to-play mode that can play without the base game. FIFA 19 also added it to the mobile app and is available for download. “Right boys where we going” is usually said by Anil when the mode begins.

There is a lobby in which players wait, and in this place the mechanics of the game replicate that of the world. The buildings and the terrain are indestructible, other players can’t also be harmed by you, but you can search and collect weapons, bandages, and other necessary resources. Players can leap from hot-air-balloon after a period of time, to jump you will click space and to activate the glider you will double click space. The next thing is to look for a cool place for your avatar to land and also steer the glider in that same area. Then you begin to construct your shield to defend you from the creatures and the storm by gathering resources first. At times supply can drop around the map randomly which may be loot that is not common.


FIFA 19 has introduced new features like layouts and menus to ensure convenience and availability of what you want every time.

Players get rewarded after every successful mission which in turn can be used to buy necessary equipment or to boost/upgrade the players. The game supports microtransactions which can be used to buy in-game currency for the upgrades.